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Gentle Country Charm and Southern Hospitality await you at The Savannah. The Savannah is an old family farm located in Sulphur Springs, TX and it has been maintained for over 100 years. The land has been used for many things such as farming cotton, raising cattle, hay and is now a great and peaceful place to have your special event. The Savannah is surrounded by rolling green pastures, two beautiful lakes, and an old grove of oak trees creating a majestic backdrop for any occasion.

Memories form a significant aspect of our lives; it is the basis upon which we relive the past. The Savannah is the perfect place for a special event!

What you make your special event look like is the memory you will have of it tomorrow or in the future. If today weren’t so great, you would remember it in the future that it wasn’t so great, but if you make today absolutely wonderful, you will remember it in the future that it was absolutely wonderful. The Savannah not only promises to make your event worthwhile, but it also ensures a long-lasting memory of your day. It is magnificent and absolutely a joy to have your event at The Savannah.

The elegant barn is made from tin, wood and has large windows and beautiful chandeliers, creating the perfect place for a including proms, class reunions, family reunions, receptions, weddings, birthday parties, graduations, photography sessions, life celebrations, retreats, training sessions and much more!

The Savannah checks all the boxes of the perfect venue you could ever imagine. Inside the house, you will find a warm and inviting atmosphere which is great for the day of your event. Quite simply, The Savannah is a dream actualized.

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